Product Designer

UX/UI master wanted! We are growing our team and hence looking for creative and talented Product Designer.

15.02.2019 Apply now

Is passion for digital drawing in your blood? Do you prefer Dribble over Facebook? Both positive answers mean you are perfect for us!

15.02.2019 Apply now
Project Manager

Task juggling and keeping a lot of balls in the air at once - if this sounds interesting to you, keep on reading! Maybe you are the one we are looking for?

28.02.2019 Apply now
Graphic Designer

Creative, communicative, with a great sense of humor - does this sound like your description? Perfect! We need you!

28.02.2019 Apply now
Marketing Manager

Are the spacious fields of marketing for you the same as a candy store for a kid? Yes? Good! We are looking just for you. 

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Jak pracujemy?

Do każdego projektu podchodzimy indywidualnie - rozpoczynamy od ustalenia koncepcji, napisania scenariusza, omówienia ujęć. Wdrażamy nowe rozwiązania i usprawniamy te, które mogą działać lepiej.